The Physics of Rowing

While there are as many rowing styles as there are coaches, the fact remains making a boat go fast is ruled by the laws of physics.  This session is lead by Bill Tytus, the owner of Pocock Racing Shells and the designer of the K4+ and Hypercarbon V8.

In addition to his background in engineering and creativity, Bill is part of a coaching heritage that includes George and Stan Pocock, Frank Cunningham and Harry Parker.  This is an INCREDIBLE opportunity to have the science behind the art of coaching explained by someone who has over 50 years in the sport as an athlete, coach, and shell designer.

Fitting the Boat to Your Crew: How to optimize your rig and select equipment with confidence

Should I get the small hull or medium hull?  How do I lower the oarlock when all the spacers are already on top? What rigging modifications exist to get my ‘outlier’ athletes comfortable?

Don’t leave your equipment know-how up to assumptions – learn the why behind considerations and tradeoffs in your rigging and equipment choices.

Shell Repair

From start to finish, you will repair a hull puncture.  Our master craftsmen will be on hand to take you through the steps and offer their expert advice.

This is a completely unique opportunity to learn from the best…and it’s also a ton of fun!  You will go home with a new skill your head coach will love, and will keep your boats on the racecourse instead of at the repair shop.

Trailer 101: Maintenance, Driving, and Safety

With customers across the country, we put over 40,000 miles a year on our truck and trailer.  We know what it takes to get equipment where it needs to go safely.  Learn our best practice tips and tricks to keep your boats, truck and trailer in working order.

Never been behind the wheel when the trailer is hooked up?  You will have the opportunity to head out in the rig with John Tytus and get that first drive behind you with guidance from someone who knows what you need to worry about.

Boat Construction:  Materials and Methods

See how boats are made, and what to look for in a sound boat.  With a behind-the-scenes look at our shop, you will learn what goes into building a boat, material options and tradeoffs, and get an understandable explanation of the construction variables and boat builder jargon that surrounds the industry.