“I found it to be the most productive resource I’ve had in coaching so far.”

“The boat repair and recruiting sessions were amazing. I learned so much about both and really feel that I can help my team.”

“I really enjoyed the conference and having an opportunity to meet coaches that I would generally never see in our racing circuit.”

“The best part was the access to John, Bill, and the all the others to ask about ANYTHING. I loved the boat repair but for me having free range at dinner lunch to talk about whatever -boat construction, rigging, materials, and just talk rowing. So specifically the repair was the best part, but it was just talking to the people that made it incredible!”

“It was great. I definitely walked away from the experience with a better understanding of the physics of rowing, rigging, and boat repair.”

“The boat repair is invaluable, but to just be aware of other coaches and getting to network more was incredible.”

“We almost self-selected ourselves as the upper end, motivated group of coaches. People were so fascinated by the content, and really into the sport and learning about it. We were all students of the sport. That was great to be around.”

“All of the sessions were educational but the best part was just being in a setting with others where we could talk freely, have discussions, and learn from each other.”

“I feel like a better coach for having attended Coach-Con.”

“Coach-Con was by far the most informative (and fun) conference I’ve been to. The organization, networking, and discussions were all very helpful.”

“It was a great weekend not only because of the things I learned, but because of the exposure to some great people in the sport.”

“One of the best parts for me was talking about the physics of rowing. I think understanding the basics of how the boat moves through the water was really helpful and will help me make my future rigging decisions much more easily.”

“I thought we covered a lot in the three days, but it was laid out/organized well.”

“Being able to interact with a broad range of coaches and hear about the different ways they do things. It was very valuable to hear how similar and different programs can be.”

“I loved the repairs because knowing that you can make a boat row able with a “simple” repair can really help out in a number of situations. Also, the trailer driving was VERY helpful as John was easy going and calm, not to mention patient- the perfect person to learn how to back a trailer.”

“Coach Con is such a unique convention tailored to assistants with a very hands on a approach. I’ve already seen quite a few of my fellow Coach-Con graduates at recruiting fairs and such and look forward to continuing my friendship with them as we move on in our coaching careers.”

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