A Legacy of Sharing Knowledge

George Pocock, the founder of Pocock Racing Shells and legendary coach, was famous for being generous with his knowledge. That value has remained unchanged at Pocock over the past 103 years. If you have ever called the shop with a question from rigging to selection to technique, you know we love talking about rowing.

As long as Pocock boats have been on the water, their designers and builders have been coaches and athletes. Both George and his son Stan Pocock represented the USA at the Olympics in capacities ranging from boat builder, to rigger to coach. They also spent countless hours in the coaching launch at the University of Washington. Stan was the founder of the Lake Washington Rowing Club, and the Pocock Rowing Center in Seattle was named after George.

Today, another father and son team, Bill and John Tytus, run Pocock Racing Shells. Both are lifelong disciples of the sport as athletes, coaches, and boat builders. While their days of competition are behind them, they continue to coach and build elite-level racing shells. Both were raised around the sport and have a lifetime of experiences informing their understanding of what makes a boat, and crew, go fast.

Why Coach-Con?

Based on the questions we get over and over, and given our unique position in the sport, we see huge voids in coaching knowledge. These are voids we can help fill. It is from that recognition that Coach-Con was born.

For more information about our 103 year history, check out our website at www.pocock.com.